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Animoto.com is not your everyday slideshow. The online software automatically generates professionally choreographed videos using unique technology and high-end motion design. Each video is a customized so that the images or choreograph in beat and energy level to the accompanying music. The finished video is widescreen format and has the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a hollywood movie trailer.

With Animoto.com, you can create 2 types of photo videos:

  • Animoto Shorts (Free, but only 30 seconds long)
  • Full-length videos ($3 each)

Animoto Shorts are 30-seconds long and perfect for 10 to 15 photos depending on the energy level of your music. The free Animoto Short is my preference. 30 seconds seem short, but have you noticed how short people's attention span is these days?

Here's an example of an Animoto Short video that I created using photos from a birthday party:

When you are done, watch a video tutorial on how to create your own Animoto video.


How to create an Animoto Video (video tutorial)

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You can now pick up your snapfish.com prints, posters, or photobook orders at a local Walgreens, Meijer, or Staples store near you. Choose your photos, finish, size and quantity at Snapfish as usual, then choose Pick-Up instead of Ship. I was surprised that my confirmation email arrived within half an hour telling me my prints are ready.

The pricing is higher when you choose Pick-Up. For example, A 4"X6" print costs 9 cents when Snapfish prints and ships it to you, however it costs 19 cents when you choose to pick it up at Walgreens. BUT, you pay no shipping, and you get it the same day when you choose Pick-Up. It's a nice option to have when you are caught in a pinch and need prints or posters in a hurry.

Ok, got to go now and pick up my prints at Walgreens.

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When you leave your computer for a while, the screen saver kicks in. Instead of the default Windows logo flying across the screen, isn't it more fun to pop up your photos on your PC screen. One time, I return to my PC and find a photo from a camping trip from long ago I had forgotten. It brought back many happy memories.

The video below shows you how easy it is
to turn your PC into a desktop slideshow by pointing the Screensaver settings to a photo folder. Having a party, family gathering, it's fun to randomly pop up photos, share your vacation, pictures from the last family reunion… It's like having one of those popular digital picture frames, except bigger.

Just one caution, your PC does use up more power than a digital picture frame, but hey, if you were just going to let the screensaver run anyway, why not have it go through the thousands of photos on your hard drive.

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Do you journal your kid's life? Too busy to keep a journal? I want to suggest that you are too busy NOT to journal. Life goes by in such a whirl, our memories just can't keep up. All those neat things that happened just last week have quickly become your past, lost in all that white noise of our fast-paced, harried lifestyles. Keep a journal and sometime way out there in your kid's future, your grown child will be able to pull a diary down from a dusty shelf and relive an experience, even see connections and patterns to his adulthood and feel your presence.

Here's one incident I'll relive many years down the road: I was chaperoning my son's 5th grade field trip and at snack time, I saw him trade up the snack I packed him, fruit leather, for a bag of Doritos. I found out that he had been trading the snacks I give him for fancier stuff for a while.

Trade up for Doritos

Tips for journaling your kid's life:

  • You don't need to have perfect handwriting. Look at mine, and that was on a good day. I've scribbled worse in a hurry. If it's legible, it's good enough.
  • Write about the child, not the event. I could write about the 5th Grade field trip - where we went, where we had lunch, how many kids were there, but isn't it more interesting to write about my discovery of this young trader?
  • Keep it short and sustainable. Better to write frequently, than to write one long journal entry once a year. Look for the Big thing in the little things. Journaling actually helps you be a better observer, you see things with your heart. Write a paragraph, write a sentence, don't feel pressured to write detailed, complete entries or it will become yet another 'chore' in your busy day.
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Here's another reason to make a home video of your child. One day, when this budding, talented child of yours attain great heights, you can watch the old home videos and get insights into her greatness. For they say, a child's personality is made up by the time he or she turns 7.

Video Disclosure: This is a blog about Memory-Keeping for busy families. The video below serves simply to illustrate in a comical way the value of creating home videos. It does not in any way reflect the political inclinations of the author.

Home videos is a fun component of a family memories collection. If you've not made a home movie before, you may think the process and camcorder gear is still complicated, expensive, time consuming. Not so. There are many options today, like the extremely popular Flip Video camcorder where you shoot a video, then flip a USB port and plug it into your computer.

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